Post 500px. Hello Unsplash!

After 500px tragically were sold to some Chinese folks, the community slowly died. The community part was the main reason I once upon a time signed up for an account and stayed there. The terms of service soon changed as well, making it easier to once and for all cut the rope. So post 500px,Continue reading “Post 500px. Hello Unsplash!”

Camera image quality setting, lesson learned

Me and the family jumped in to the car for a little road trip to the coast for a icy cold bath in the sea. Days earlier I was messing around in the camera settings and accidently left image quality on S3 (0.3M 720×480). I didn’t realize this until we got back and I firedContinue reading “Camera image quality setting, lesson learned”

Fänforsen, Västerdalälven

I dessa corona tider är det lite småtråkigt så vi bestämde oss för att göra en liten utflykt till Västerdalälven, eller närmare bestämt Fänforsen i Björbo. Resan dit var kanske inte helt uppskattad av barnen, men väl på plats var det en annan ton i skällan :-). Riktigt mysig, ett besök rekommenderas om ni harContinue reading “Fänforsen, Västerdalälven”