Camera image quality setting, lesson learned

Me and the family jumped in to the car for a little road trip to the coast for a icy cold bath in the sea. Days earlier I was messing around in the camera settings and accidently left image quality on S3 (0.3M 720×480). I didn’t realize this until we got back and I fired up the camera in lightroom.

Camera image quality setting, lesson learned.

Slightly zoomed

For now on, I will NEVER touch this setting again, leave it on RAW and throw away the key. So why didn’t I see this earlier you might ask? Well, I kept the camera in the bag and only grabbed it for some quick shots and then down the bag again.

But what about RAW + JPEG? Well not for me, all the extra files and usage of space isn’t worth it. If I want to submit a photo to whatever quick, I have Lightroom in my phone as well to edit and export.

Published by Stefan Barkman

Photographer & Photoshop villain.

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